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J&K Painting is experienced with top notch commercial painting projects. We provide the best and most reliable painting service for any size commercial building. Whether you are renovating, remodeling, new, or just simply want a new look for your office. Our painting services can provide the quickest and most thorough solution.


The two things we do are Beautify and Protect your home. We provide a classy touch to any residential project. You may be giving the outside of your house an update while protecting it from the elements, or adding a fresh coat of paint to an interior room to beautify it; In both instances, J&K Painting provides professional and reliable services. We will prep, paint, and clean up effectively to create for your home a new "Home Sweet Home" ambiance.

Small Projects

Whether you are looking for a full home repaint, or just one room, J&K Painting will have you covered. The motto we live by is, “Quality, it’s on the house!” We bring quality to every job we do, regardless of the size. We take pride in our work and want you, our client, to feel good knowing that you have received the best.